Muslin Newborn Receiving Swaddles


Set 3 Muslin Newborn Receiving Swaddles Blankets 100% Organic Cotton 47″ X 47” Unisex Ultrasoft Cute Design Box. 

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Swaddled babies are happier babies!

No more sleepless nights!

The Moro reflex, or startle reflex, is a normal neurological response which causes a newborn to feel as though they are free falling. Babies experience this all the time within the first 3 to 4 months of life. While the presence of the Moro reflex is an indication of a healthy infant, its effects can disturb your baby’s sleep.

Swaddled babies tend to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep more consistently throughout the night.

There are many benefits of swaddling a baby. It not only calms and soothes babies, but also helps babies sleep longer.

. Swaddling mimics the womb

. Swaddling mimics a parent’s soothing touch

. Swaddling moderates the Moro reflex

. Swaddling helps regulate temperature

. Swaddling helps alleviate colic

Our products are made with 100% organic cotton, first quality non-toxic fibers. Swaddles and their packaging are made with biodegradable materials. Having a breathable fabric is great for baby and for you too since it is less stress knowing your little one is comfortable.

Our color scheme keeps the swaddles gender neutral and unisex so you can gift them in a baby shower for baby boy or girl or have them in any nursery with any color scheme. Our elegant packaging design makes our swaddles a high-end present everyone will fall in love with. Our goal is to give you and your little baby the best experience possible.

NOTE/REMINDER: All the cerfitications logos are printed on the back of the box/packaging (NOT on the label of each blanket), accomplishing all due international commerce requirements. CERTIFICATIONS: CE, GOTS and ISO certifications are at our costumer´s entire disposal
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