Mom and Baby Hospital Bag

Mom and Baby Hospital Bag

There are only a few months left for your baby to be born, and here we give you some tips on what you need to take to the hospital for yourself and your baby. It is crazy how pregnancy can feel SO long.


The Ideal time to organize the hospital bag you have been longing for is around your seven months of pregnancy. Although your hospital will offer you a list that does not match exactly with this one, our list could guide you very well. Two bags are better than one! One for you, baby, and one for you. It’s much easier to decide what to pack and to keep everything organized.

Mama Hospital Bag

    • Pack all your toiletries
    • Toothbrush
    • Face wash or moisturizer.
    • If you have C-sections, you’ll be so happy to have some dry shampoo and some facial wipes for the first couple of days you’re in bed recovering.
    • Travel shampoo and conditioner
    • Deodorant
    • Makeup bag if you feel like freshening up a little before visitors or for pictures.
    • Hair Ties
    • Some good chopstick

Baby Hospital Bag

    • 5 to 6 Outfits

When your baby is born, you always want to show some of mom and dad’s essence in the way he/she dresses, such as colors, designs, and gifts of clothes from people close to you that they have given for the baby. For example, the coat knitted by grandma or the present from an aunt or uncle. For example, our clothes recommendations are light colors (white, off-white, pink, light blue, or neutral) and 100% cotton materials, anti-allergic and delicate for the baby’s skin.

One good idea is to put the complete sets (jumper, onesies, hat, and socks) in separate bags, and this way, it will be easier for the person who dresses the baby as you want to dress him/her. Don’t forget the bibs and burp cloths, and those are essential.

The blanket is essential to protect your baby during the hospital stay and when you go home. We always recommend that the material is 100% cotton or anti-allergic.
A swaddling blanket is a large blanket used for swaddling and cooing over your newborn. This swaddle makes the baby feel protected and warm as in the mother’s womb.

    • Hospital Hats
    • Baby Wash
    • Baby Oil or lotion
    • 2 baby towels
    • 2 Baby Bath Sponges
    • Diaper Rash cream
    • 1 pack of disposable wipes
    • Baby cologne and soft baby brush.
    • Pacifiers
    • Car Seat
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