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100% Cotton Baby Clothes that are Beautifully Styled have Many Benefits.

Baby clothes need to express our happiness and pride in our babies -our most precious gems.

We all want our babies to look as good as we feel about the dearest blessing in our lives.

And our babies need to be comfortable and safe while being easy to care for.

Babies do best with 100% cotton & knits baby clothes specially designed and created with detailed attention to parents’ and babies’ needs.

We need baby clothes that are:

  • Fashionably designed.
  • Safe, comfy, and easy to use.
  • Trouble-free to care for.

Fashionably designed baby clothes make us and our babies look and feel wonderful.

When our babies are looking sweet and cute, we feel happy and proud in a motherly way.

Babies pick up on how we feel because babies connect directly to their parents’ emotional state. When we are feeling marvelous because our babies are looking glorious, our babies start feeling and acting totally alive and super confident —just like we feel. Cotton & Knits

The good, positive energy flowing out of us and our babies fills any setting we are in. Everyone can feel it and see it.

Knit cotton fabric makes it easy to design beautiful clothes that hide the unsightly diaper bulge and make everyone feel so good.

Knit also makes it easy for babies to move comfortably and easy for parents to care for babies.

100% knit cotton baby clothes are comfy, easy, and safe

While our babies are looking and feeling fabulous, they also need to be comfy and safe.

Cotton is comfortable because it breathes.

100% cotton allows:

  • Babies to be comfortable in average room temperatures.
  • Moisture to evaporate, reducing the risk of skin rashes.
  • A layer of air to form around the cotton fibers mitigating sudden temperature changes.


Knit cotton stretches easily. Instead of having to force babies into clothes, we can effortlessly stretch cotton knits to ease our babies in gently. Babies stay quiet and happy while our job is made easier.

Knits also stretch with babies’ movements. Think about how comfortable a favorite t-shirt is. That’s the soft, comfy feel of knit.

Cotton is safe because it is all-natural. Cotton has been worn safely and comfortably for millennia.

Synthetic fibers made from petroleum can cause allergic reactions to a baby’s sensitive skin. And synthetics don’t breathe the way cotton does. They trap moisture leading to a build of heat and the conditions that breed bacteria and cause skin irritations.

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic making it much less likely for rashes and allergic reactions to occur.

Cotton knit baby clothes are durable and easy to care for


Cotton baby clothes are so easy to wash and clean.

We can just toss them in the washer using high-temperature water to kill bacteria. We don’t need to worry about shrinking, losing shape, or colors fading fast.

Cotton does not tear easily when it is wet and will not disintegrate while being machine washed.

Our children’s fashionable, 100% cotton baby clothes will keep looking amazing long after our babies have outgrown them.

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